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Rethinking Broken

Childhood Trauma didn't Break You, it Trained You


Rethinking broken presents a new way to view traumatic childhood events and their lingering effects. What's the view?  Your trauma didn't break you. It trained you.  


Training is usually considered to be a good thing. It prepares us for the future. The problem you and I have, is that we were trained for a world that we don't live in anymore.


The strategies we depended on, to survive stress-filled childhoods changed us. As a result, we developed some hard won skills, that we ought to use to our advantage.  ​And unless we use those hard-won skills regularly, in the appropriate environment, they  subconsciously compel us to self sabotage, catastrophize and think the worst about ourselves. They are either an Achilles heel or a superpower.


​Rethinking Broken teaches how to uncover your hidden superpowers, by leveraging your innate skills, in an environment in which they thrive! When our environment suits our training, something magical happens. We experience the fact, we already possess a skill set that is not just useful, but indispensable in some really tough spots. All we need to do to not feel broken is use them.


​Which means, you don't need to "fix" yourself. Because you're not broken! You're just not in the right environment for you to use your skills! ​Getting upset at yourself for not being like everyone else, is like getting mad at a goldfish for not being able to climb a tree. The goldfish is just fine as he is. He's just not built to be an arborist. 

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I used to think I needed to heal all of my trauma before I could succeed. Now I am beginning to see how I can use my trauma in ways that benefit my life. Rethinking Broken has given me the tools to re-frame how I look at my issues and turn them into superpowers. I'm very excited for the rest of the world to receive this gem!

Tammy B.

Beta Reader

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